Oxisan Sanitizer

MilkhousePipeline & Milk Transfer System Cleaner

Oxisan Sanitizer is an EPA registered peracetic acid solution for the pipeline, tanks and CIP systems. Oxisan is a non-rinse, non-foaming formula and its ability to sanitize at cold temperatures make it ideally suited for use in CIP systems. Oxisan Sanitizer is used at low concentrations to rapidly kill a broad spectrum of micro-organisms including gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria. It is more tolerant than most sanitizers to pH, temperature, water hardness, and organic soils.

Oxisan Sanitizer liquid sanitizer is highly effective, economical and environmentally acceptable. The acidic formula is effective for removing mineral deposits and is low in corrosivity on stainless steel. In a dairy plant study of peracetic acid versus chlorine sanitizer performance,  researchers found a significant increase in milk shelf life with peracetic acid sanitizers.


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