Agro-Clean 305 Detergent

MilkhousePipeline & Milk Transfer System Cleaner

Agro-Clean 305 Detergent is the number one choice for producers who need confidence that their equipment is thoroughly and efficiently cleaned. This phosphate-free CIP detergent incorporates Poly-TEC advanced polymer technology, and is designed to handle difficult cleaning conditions with ease.

Agro-Clean 305 is not your typical CIP Detergent. Unlike many products that rely solely on alkalinity, Agro-Clean 305 also uses unique polymer additives to ensure superior emulsification among other desired qualities. Therefore, less alkalinity and chlorine is required for exceptional cleaning. Special rinse additives promote rapid and clean sheeting of water off surfaces while chelating agents bind metallic salts and provide efficient cleaning in variable water conditions. The Poly-TEC blend also provides chlorine stabilization, is anti-foam, and has scale inhibitors to ensure proper cleaning.


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