Animal HealthChlorhexidine Teat Dip For Dairy Cattle

Blue Velvet Teat Dip is a chlorhexidine gluconate-based teat dip that is fast-acting, non-irritating, and has a distinctive blue color. Chlorhexidine adheres well to teat skin, providing antimicrobial activity over time, and does not have harmful effects on teat skin. As a microbiocide, Chlorhexidine is effective against most gram-positive and gram-negative bacterium as well as some viruses.

Blue Velvet Teat Dip are minimally affected by organic matter, staying active for up to 5-6 hours longer than other antimicrobial agents. Chlorhexadine maintains its level of antimicrobial action by causing a disruption of microbial cell plasma membranes and precipitation of cell contents.

All Blue Velvet Teat Dips and sprays are formulated with glycerine for superior skin conditioning. Available as a dip, spray, or for use in foaming units.


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